5280 Comics has surpassed 4 months of business. In that short time span, we’ve managed to become one of Colorado’s best comic stores based on the comments of our supporters. 🙂

In reality, we have a long way to becoming Colorado’s top comic stores. At the pace we are growing, it may become a reality. One of the advantages of being a new store is that we still have many key issues to offer. That certainly has helped our sales. Another advantage for us is that we are always looking to expand our inventory while other stores continually turned down collections.

Some of the keys that we’ve sold recently are: Iron Man #1, Action Comics #34, Avengers #4, Batman #227, New Mutants #98, Saga #1, lots of New 52 #1s, Walking dead issues 1 through current, Amazing Spiderman 300, lots of silver age X-men. We still have many key issues to choose from such as Fantastic Four #1, Giant Sized X-men 1, First Gambit, Lots of Deadpool and Harley Quinn, and many, many more.

Some of the consistent sellers each month has been Amazing Spiderman, Batman, Deadpool and Harley Quinn. We always try to keep a healthy selection for these titles and more of what you like.

So check us out soon. 5280 Comics look forward to serving your comics needs.