If you haven’t seen the latest Guardians of the Galaxy Movie, you may be the only one in the universe who hasn’t seen it. And if you have seen it once, you are the few, like me, who hasn’t seen it multiple times. It is an amazing movie and we have not heard one negative comment about the movie. One of the most popular character in the movie happened to be a tree called Groot. The coolest characters are the ones with few words and all action. He’s so popular that he gets his own vinyl from Pop! called Dancing Groot. Here’s how Baby Dancing Groot will look like. Hitting stores in December.


Batman-36-legoDC Comics may have hit it with the bombshell variants a couple months ago. In November, DC Comics may have another hit with the Lego variants. 22 titles are scheduled to get it’s own Lego variant and here’s one of the most popular ones. 5280 Comics is taking preorders now so if you would like a set, be sure to let us know so we don’t underorder on this popular variant.