Hold Slot

Subscribing to a Hold Slot account is easy and ensures you’ll never miss an issue.

HoldslotWith the limited quantities of comics printed these days, there’s a chance it will sell out the same day it comes out. Having a hold slot will ensure you’ll get the book you subscribed to and never miss out on that

HOT issue, it is also a great way to save you money. And by the way, we always bag and board your comics.

5280 Comics offer the best hold slot account in the industry where you will always get a SUPER deal for your comic purchases. And as a subscriber to our store, you often get FREE comics and other chances to win great store variants.

If we forget to ask you to subscribe to our hold slot, please let us know and we will happy to set it up.

Below is the description of how our hold slot works.

20+ titles – You get 10% OFF.

  • Hold slot account requires a small deposit of $20- $40 depending on the quantities in your account.