denver-comic-con-2014-logoMany people have called or stopped by our comic store, 5280 Comics, the past two weeks asking for Denver Comic Con tickets. As much as we would have wanted to be selling the Denver ComicCon tickets, we do not sell them this current year.

We hope to find more information about selling them at our store next year. From the amount of people requesting for these tickets, it seems the city of Littleton is very supportive of the Comic Con. As you are probably already aware, the Denver Comic Con has grown tremendously from three years ago when it got started. Last year they oversold so many tickets that many people weren’t able to attend the show. They are estimating 80,000 attendees this year. That is a lot of people!

5280 Comics will definitely try to be one of the comic shops in the Denver metro area to sell Denver Comic Con tickets for next year. If you are one of the 80,000 people attending the show this year, have fun!!!