5280 logoHey, all you comic book lovers. Isn’t it a great time to be collecting comics? With today’s super group of creative talents, there is a great comic book for everyone? The past few years may be remembered as the “Golden Age of Comics.” And we hope it won’t stop any time soon.

Never at any time have we experienced the abundant of talented writers and artists that exists today. These creative talents have produced some of the best comics that are on the comic shop shelf each week that have sold out on a consistent basis. This is probably the single biggest reason for the increased interests in collecting and reading comics again. Of course, movies and TV shows helped a little too.

Whatever the reason may be, there are more comic fans now than in the past couple of decades.

Holdslot5280 Comics was born of the idea that we can make a difference in increasing readership by introducing these great books to new and veteran readers/collectors. We also want to provide a great service to the Colorado comic’s community by giving http://www.wyckhamporteous.org  knowledgeable and honest assessments of the comic books that are available each week. Our backlist of comic books is ever expanding to give collectors a chance to fill in the void and/or those looking for great past stories.

If you haven’t visited a comic store in a while or have an urge to try out a few titles, see one of your nearest comic shops in Colorado. 5280 Comics wants to be your friendly comic shop and aims to be one of the best comic shops in Colorado.

See you soon and as Stan Lee used to say… Excelsior!!!