PAX AmericanaAfter 6 long years of anticipation and most have speculated that it would never materialized, DC Entertainment has confirmed the start of Multiversity hitting stores in August. Grant Morrison, well known and respected in the comic industry, will be the brainchild behind the super event that will define and shape DC Comics, the New 52. From what we’ve gather so far is that the Multiversity event will introduce new worlds and new heroes/villains – an event for comic fans.

MULTIVERSITY is an 8-issue series comprising 6 one-shots and a two-part conclusion with each issue featuring a 38-page lead story followed by an 8-page backup. Each issue takes place on a different parallel world from the main DC Earth and functions as a number one issue. Each world in the Multiverse publishes comic books about the heroes on the OTHER worlds. Once the characters realize this, they then unite to respond to the villains!

Additionally, each universe will open up an endless series of worlds and realities for future writers and creators to use, expand upon and enjoy.

justiceleague-shazamDC Entertainment is finally letting Grant Morrison some free reigns on this project and 5280 Comics is gearing up on this BIG event. This will be an exciting event that will be talked about and may take the New 52 and DC Comics to something great.